Podmotion works with podcast hosts to help create and grow outstanding podcasts, driving measurable results to content marketing’s bottom line!

Podmotion provides clients with a comprehensive range of podcast services for clients who want:

  • Podcast production and distribution
  • Podcast content marketing strategies
  • Audio brand and strategy creation
  • Audience growth
We work with start-ups, businesses, independent podcasters, and agencies to produce a broad range of podcast shows. Our clients want to extend their reach, become leaders in their industry, or influencers in their sector. We work with them to successfully meet their goals.

Why you need a podcast

The podcast show is now the primary requirement of any content marketing strategy. From a beautifully created show, you can develop multiple forms of other content, strategically distributed to attract new business and win influence.

Podcasts outshine all other content because they are an intimate form of connection. Your voice is literally in the listener’s head, and that translates into a powerful form of communication and marketing!

Quality matters

A high-quality podcast show starts with understanding your ‘Why’. What is the show’s purpose? We help you identify purpose by asking fundamental questions about your values and objectives. We begin with quality leading the way – because quality and consistency will lift your podcast up above the millions of other shows out there.

To reach the bar that brings listeners back for more, we recommend that you have great guests who are well-prepared and able to express the views and ideas your listeners want to hear, or that you use storytelling as a tactic to delight and engage.

We work with clients who:

  • Want everything done for them, and their show delivered to market (read more about our Fully Managed services here)
  • Want to launch a podcast show (read about our Start a podcast show here)
  • Have an existing show and want to grow their audience
  • Eventually want to produce their own show
  • Care about their podcasts and branding and want the best.

Let’s get started!

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