How to make a podcast show a part of your content marketing program

Add podcasting to your content marketing

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If you have an existing content marketing plan, adding a well-executed podcast to your channels is a wise move.

And with some thought and planning, you can develop episodes for your new show, and reposition existing content into podcast episodes. 

Here are some tips on repositioning written and video content into podcast episodes so that the episodes become an integral part of your content marketing.

Note that this isn’t a ‘how to podcast’ article, and we’re assuming here that you will work on your show strategy, presentation, and other aspects of podcasting as part of your podcasting plan.

Before you begin podcasting

Podcasts are a lot of work and require a great deal of planning. Plan out your show, and whether you’ll require (and have the budget for) an external consultant. You’d be surprised at the number of entrepreneurs or businesses that launch a show, only to discover it’s too much work to continue.

1. Show format: Solo cast, interview, or conversational, to name a few.

2. Who will host the show?  

3. Develop a creative brief for the show, even a simple one if you are a solo business. What are your objectives, who is the target audience, and what do you want to achieve? What will be the tone, message, and style? Include a timeline and budget.

4. Will you integrate your podcast show into your content marketing calendar, or create a podcast editorial calendar that’s aligned with your content marketing calendar?

5. How will you promote the show’s launch, and then grow the show?

1. Repositioning video

One of our clients has created a podcast series from video content. The client has excellent storytelling skills and so it wasn’t a great leap for him to begin podcasting. 

For most organizations, taking video content and transforming it into a podcast episode isn’t difficult when it’s a speech, presentation, or discussion. 

However, with something like a display or illustration, you’ll need to think about how you turn those elements into an audio format. Will you use sound effects, colourful description, or remove some aspects that won’t work in audio? These decisions should be handled by the producer and a scriptwriter with experience in audio storytelling.

Some producers do a direct conversion from video to audio, using software to extract the audio. Generally, we don’t recommend this. Aspects of a presentation or story can get lost in translation, and there can be file compression issues that result in quality being compromised. If you do go this route, check stats as you progress to see if the episodes are gaining traction. 

2. Convert long-form content

Oftentimes, comms teams will take a podcast episode and write a blog post from the content. The reverse can be done as well, particularly with older published content. 

A long-form blog post can be a good place to begin when it comes to converting existing content to podcasts. Think about which aspects of the content would be useful in audio format. Consider adding related topics to the episode plan.

If you don’t want to reposition existing content as a podcast, you could interview the experts featured in the long-form content and come up with new topics, or a new take on an old theme. 

Be sure to tell your audience why the podcast episode is worth listening to. Is the podcast reiterating written content? Say so, so that people who haven’t read it can select the audio format. If it’s new content, make this clear. If it’s supplemental to a printed article, be sure potential listeners know this.

3. Create a podcast and article

If creating episodes out of older content isn’t an approach you want to pursue, consider creating an updated podcast episode and article from one interview. At Podmotion, we usually present the key points in the show notes, then use a blog post to explore the episode content in more depth. This benefits followers who prefer to read or can’t listen to audio at a given moment, and also supports SEO.

If you have any questions about adding podcasting to your current content marketing plan, we’d be happy to answer them. Get in touch with us at


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