Podthreads wants to help you sell podcast merch. We're looking for shows to sponsor, and podcast merch partners. We can also help you build your e-commerce platform.

Use Podtheads to sell your podcast merch, or hire its team to build your e-store

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A new online e-store is looking to partner with podcasters to sell their podcast merch, as well as for podcast shows to sponsor.

Podthreads launched in early 2021 and sells its own unique designs on a range of products. Part of the store’s profits will help support independent podcasters through sponsorship. 

Podthreads.com is an e-commerce startup created by Podmotion’s founders, Sheelagh Caygill and Kevin McCall. 

⁕ Here’s a 15-percent-off discount code for readers: Enter the word Podcast at checkout for this discount. 

Podthreads offers three services:

Sell podcast merch for your podcast show

1. Sell Your Podcast Merch

We provide a fast and easy setup experience for podcasters looking to sell their merch through Podthreads. Our aim is to deliver great looking merch to your fans. 

Podcasters can supply their own files, or work with the Podthreads’ design team to create unique designs.

We currently offer T-shirts, mugs, hoodies, caps, notebooks, leggings, and a few more items. More are added each month. 

There is a vetting process. You are more than welcome to contact us via our Contact form and someone will be in touch within a few days. 

Get assistance with e-store consulting

2. E-store Set Up And/Or Consulting

Podthreads combines the experienced team of Kevin and Sheelagh from Podmotion. We are experienced e-store consultants, able to answer e-commerce questions.

If you want to set up your own e-store to sell your podcast merch, or in fact any kind of e-store, please get in touch.

We also have experience with many print-on-demand platforms available today. Get in touch.

Ask us to sponsor your show

3. Podcast Sponsorships  ⁕ We are currently actively seeking new podcasts to sponsor ⁕

Podthreads partners with a few independent podcasts to support them and help them grow. The sponsorship partnerships usually involved Podthreads sponsoring a show with a financial contribution, and selling merch for their show. These partnerships are mutually beneficial.

We are looking to sponsor shows that align with our business values and so there is a vetting process in place. If you are interested in having Podthreads sponsor your show, please contact us.


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