How to turn an information-rich weekly meeting into a podcast show.

How to create a podcast show from a weekly roundtable meeting

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When you daily job involves absorbing specialist information that’s valuable to clients, and regularly discussing it with colleagues, you could have the makings of a podcast show!

This episode from Podmotion features Rob Finlay, commercial real estate (CRE) owner, operator, and expert. Rob is a thought leader, podcaster, and CEO of Thirty Capital, a provider of services and solutions to commercial real estate firms.

Turning a weekly meeting into a podcast

Rob’s podcast, Commercial Real Estate Capital Markets Report, launched in April after he talked to a friend about a regular weekly call he has with his team of senior traders. The friend asked Rob if he could listen in to the call, and that’s when Rob realized it might be a good idea to turn the weekly roundtable discussion into a podcast show. 

Each roundtable episode discusses treasury rates, short-term rates, and everything related to debt and debt optimization for commercial real estate. Each episode helps CRE professionals determine if it is time to refinance, borrow, or what kind of action they should take to optimize or leverage their debt.

Before the podcast show launched, the weekly call took place and Rob and his team absorbed all the information shared during the roundtable, and shared it with callers if they thought it was relevant or important.

Encourage diverse discussion

Rob appreciates the diverse opinions that his analysts present in each episode. They are at a senior level, so of course they are opinionated. This discussion makes for a very animated conversation about how the capital markets could evolve in the coming, days, weeks, and months. 

Even though the meeting is now a podcast, it still has a informality about it, and listeners feel that they are right there in the meeting with Rob and his team.  They’ve been able to find the sweat spot where the informal collegial chat is absent, but it’s not super formal.

Experiment with your podcast show!

Rob encourages podcasters to learn and experiment as they go, and to not be afraid of the ever-evolving process. Feedback is crucial, as is room for growth. 

He says the best thing about doing the show is the feedback and suggestions they are receiving from the listener. They are getting questions as well as feedback, and aim to answer them in the show. They questions also play a role in shaping the content of upcoming shows. 

In this episode Rob also discusses:

  • Figuring out how to slightly tweak the meeting format so it could be recorded
  • Working with a consultant to launch a show
  • How the new show has transformed Thirty Capital’s lead generation and marketing
  • How much his team is enjoying being involved in the show
  • Equipment used for the show
  • Setting up measurable goals and expectations for a podcast show.

Find Rob on LinkedInTwitter, and at Thirty Capital


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