Should you join a podcast network?

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How useful are podcast networks, and are they worth joining? We take a look at the podcast network phenomena and explore the value of podcast networks.

You’ve done your research, compiled a list of possible episodes to record, and maybe launched your first episode. But you’re not drawing in the attention that you had hoped for.

If you take the time to browse through the wide world of podcasts, you’ll notice the majority of the big podcast names out there all work as a part of a network.

Networks can really help if you find that your content just isn’t bringing the listeners in. But are these networks worth your time?

What Do We Mean By Podcast Network?

PodcastOne has an amazing definition of podcast network: “A podcast network is a collection of podcasts that are produced, distributed or made available to advertisers through a single company, or network.”

Essentially, a podcast network acts as an all-encompassing business that each separate show amalgamates under to reap advantages. One of the biggest advantages is advertising.

If you are thinking about finding a network to work under then we suggest doing your research on them. Many of the networks focus on a specific theme such as true crime (quite popular) or the ever-growing interview theme.

However, some networks do have an open flow, allowing their podcasters to focus on whatever niche they enjoy, while still receiving the benefits of the network.

Podcasting networks were created was to market and monetize podcasts when they were new to the scene. With music platforms such as Apple Music and Spotify offering their own section for podcasters, the networks needed to evolve to be more appealing to independent podcasters.

Why Join a Podcast Network?

We know that you still might be on the fence about joining a network, and we agree that there are merits to remaining an independent podcaster. But the benefits you can gain from working with a network are pretty good!

Podcast Networks offer Production Aid

First, you will be offered help on the production of your podcasts. If you manage to find a network that allows you to pursue your own topics, they will offer you tips on how to better your production methods. Remember, you are making them money, so they want to do everything to maximize on the profits you bring in.

Marketing Mavericks

They will help you with your advertising and get you out into the market. They have a wide variety of tools and services they can use to really promote you and your podcast. They can even set up cross-promotions with other network members!

More Listeners Through Podcast Networks

Of course, with all this additional attention being given to your podcasts you can expect that your listenership will increase. The best part about this is that even working under this network you will gain a following from your listeners. If you do decide to eventually break away from the network your listeners will generally follow.

More Money

One of the biggest ways in which podcasters make money is by having a sponsor or ad revenue. While this is possible to get on your own, you need to have a decent size following before you can reach out to businesses. By working under a network, you can usually start earning this revenue sooner.

Increased Credibility

While working under a network you are aligning yourself with high-quality shows. If your show is good, you will gain credibility and authority you might not get otherwise. Because you are in the same network as these other podcasts, listeners assume your show has the same value.

Podcast Networks Come At A Cost

A network can provide beginner podcasters a lot of assistance and ways of increasing their earnings over time. Note that it comes at a cost. You’ll sign a contract with the network that is designed to protect you and the network, but that contract will generally lock you in for a set period of time.

If you are planning on joining a network to increase your listenership before venturing out on your own, then make sure you understand the length of the contract.

By working under a network, you might lose a little creative control over your podcasts. You might be given certain restrictions on what you can post about, and they may prevent you from criticizing other shows in their network, which is a reasonable request. However, they may also provide you with a list of topics that you aren’t allowed to mention in your episodes.

Finally, a podcast network is a business trying to make money, just like you are. As such, they will be taking a cut of what you make while working under them. Again, you are being given all the available benefits that the network has to offer, so giving a portion of the profits back is a reasonable request.

However, you may end up paying higher fees than podcasters who are currently a part of the network due to you being new. These fees generally decrease as you get more seniority in their network so don’t panic!

With all of these reasons, and many more, we believe that independent podcasters should consider joining a network. Obviously if you feel that you can bring in the listenership by yourself then go for it. However, the merits of joining a network vastly outweigh the cons. They really help independent podcasters a way to increase every aspect of their show.


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