Podcasters start out with the best intentions to keep their shows updated. But the reality is that most shows never make it to their tenth episode.


Podcasts with fewer than 10 episodes


Podcasts active in the last 30 days


Podcasts currently inactive

Data courtesy of the My Podcast Reviews service, by Daniel J. Lewis

There are good reasons to stop updating a podcast. Some shows are intended to be a limited-run series. Others may end for business reasons. However . . .

There are also many unplanned reasons why podcast shows become inactive:

  • You want to launch a show for your brand or organization, but simply don’t have time to get started
  • Your podcast show generates business opportunities or enhances your brand, but it’s taking up too much time
  • You need support with a specific aspect of show production, such as episode ideas or content planning
  • Your show doesn’t regularly deliver outstanding content or there’s been a decrease in listeners.

With our Fully Managed Podcasting Process, we’ll handle the end-to-end journey of producing your show. And, if needed, we can give special attention to any area you find particularly challenging.

 Fully-Managed Podcasting Process

Podmotion’s first step is a thorough planning phase with you to scope out your requirements and deliverables. Then, our team works on the production of your show, taking on as much, or as little, as you are comfortable with. Finally, we ensure that through effective marketing and promotion your show gets maximum exposure.


Working with you, we’ll deliver sharply focused content that ignites conversations around your key messages in each episode. This stage can include podcast scripts or an initial set of questions to get an interview started. Your listeners will come away with an understanding of who you are and what you do, as well as a strong sense of your brand’s or organization’s value.


Production is actually a process whereby our editors give your episodes a broadcast-quality finish. We stitch together the important content, delete unwanted material, remove background noise and the “ums” and “ahs”, and maximize consistent volume. Theme music, intros, pre-rolls, and id3 tags are all added. And we can upload your episodes to a host if needed.


Your listeners may be businesses, clients, stakeholder groups, employees, or association members. Regardless, your podcast episodes need promoting. The strategy we create will depend on your objectives and audience needs. We are experienced in content marketing, newsletter implementation and writing, advertising, and social media. If you want to measure progress, we can supply tracking and analytics, also.

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