Podcasting for Authors

Turn your book into a podcast

Today’s non-fiction author spends a huge amount of time marketing their book to generate sales and raise awareness. Now that your book is complete, it’s time to step out and begin promoting it on as many channels as you can.

A podcast is the number one choice for book marketing. Why? Because it means you will create tons of content from your episodes which can be transformed into blog posts, articles, LinkedIn posts, social media content, and more!

With a podcast show, new listeners become readers. Existing readers become listeners. If your content is excellent, there’s an additional massive market beyond as well. Ultimately, people will want to hear more from you!

Why podcasting works for authors

Podcasting works for authors because it allows you to build a connection with readers and listeners, and respond to their emotional needs. Your readers want to know more about you, what motivates you, your influences and motivations, and more! Readers and listeners will feel more connected with you when they hear your voice, along with your passion for your work. It’s a deeper and more emotional connection.

And today, platforms like Clubhouse and Listen.app mean that listeners can join you in select episodes, ask questions, and be a part of your podcast show!

Get as much or as little help as you need

If you’ve never podcasted before, it can feel daunting. Podmotion will work with you to help you develop your show’s format, branding, guests, hosting, and more. We can advise on equipment, provide test sessions, and give as much or as little guidance as you need.

The most successful podcasts are the ones with great content. With this in mind, we’ll develop strong episode themes and help secure great expert guests for your episodes. We can also supply people to interview you if required.

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