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You don’t have to get lost in guesswork or research. With Podmotion you’ll get it right the first time!

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We help you identify and develop your show’s voice so you can tell your unique story.

Need a website for your show?

Podmotion will build a custom-designed website to showcase your podcast.

Start a podcast with Podmotion

Podmotion will give you everything you need to launch a brand new show. We’ll work with you on the first five episodes and ensure you’re ready to continue with your podcast. We’ll provide the services below and, of course, will consult with you before starting to determine exactly what you need.


An episode plan is crucial to developing your show’s voice, ensuring you deliver an engaging message. We can script your entire show, or develop a few starter questions to get an interview going. Podmotion transforms episodes into informative and engaging articles, capitalizing on the content and reinforcing value. This approach maximizes website SEO and listener engagement. Articles are easily repurposed and used on your site, blogs, LinkedIn, newsletters, or wherever you publish.

Show Website

Podmotion will provide a show website with a custom domain, fully configured for mobile and desktop browsing, search indexing, secure traffic, email (@ your website domain). It will be integrated with the best traffic analysis tools in the industry. Visitors to your website will be able to explore your catalogue using an integrated audio player and can access additional information like blog posts, show notes, shared resources, and transcripts.

Audio Production

For some, talking into a mic or doing interviews can feel daunting. The two things aren’t difficult, but they are acquired skills. Podmotion offers coaching, so you’re off to a good start behind the mic. Next, our editors apply the technical expertise to produce the best-sounding podcasts possible. We’ll remove all the ums, ahs, and false starts. We will seamlessly integrate music, introductions, and ads. Our custom music composition and voice overs can help your show develop a brand.

Episode Distribution

Podmotion offers podcast hosting with one of the leading hosting providers. We will submit your podcast to all relevant platforms, including Apple, Google, and Spotify. We will ensure that your listing is visually impactful, containing all the relevant information a listener requires. Links will be included in your show description too, allowing listeners to engage via your website and social media accounts.

Digital Promotion

Social media is the go-to promotional tool for almost every podcaster. But do you know which platforms to use? What are the best tactics to engage and grow your audience? Podmotion can save you a significant amount of time by removing the guess work.

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