Podcast creators, telling stories that matter

Sheelagh Caygill and Magill Foote are Canadian podcast producers who have been helping businesses and organizations create audio content for years.

They are fully aware of the problems podcasters face

  • Not knowing where to start

  • Not having the time to continue the hands-on production of a podcast show

  • Not having the skills to produce a podcast.

Their combination of skills makes Podmtion unique, and they’re ready to solve your podcast challenges today. Get in touch for a free 15-minute session.

Sheelagh Caygill

Sheelagh Caygill

Partner & Content Lead

Sheelagh began as a journalist, and eventually branched into communications. She has worked for a range of media outlets, small and large businesses, and non-profits in Canada and the UK.

Sheelagh began podcasting some time ago for her side-project, a PR and marketing website called Communicateinfluence.com.

Her strengths lie in understanding the creative process, and the planning and hard work behind every creative venture. Experience as a journalist makes Sheelagh adept at identifying salient points and asking the right questions. She is highly skilled at creating key messages and creating and re-purposing content.

Sheelagh has developed many communications and content marketing plans, and written content including scripts, blogs, articles, long-form journalism, and social media content.

Magill Foote

Magill Foote

Audio-Visual Production Editor

Magill Foote is an award-winning filmmaker and podcast producer. With over a decade of experience in the field of video editing, Magill has worked on just about any kind of video content you can think of, including feature films, made-for-TV movies, and music videos. His short films have been screened at festivals around the world. Magill also serves as the producer and editor for the true crime podcast The Trail Went Cold, which has amassed over 16 million downloads since its inception in 2016. In his spare time, Magill enjoys baking, brewing beer, and practicing magic tricks.

Liam Morrison

Alex Stepankivskyi

Audio-Visual Production Editor

Alexander Stepankivskyi is an audio and video editor. He has more than 24 years of experience as a sound engineer. He is also a musician and in his spare time enjoys gaming, nature, and the outdoors.

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